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NEW SERIES: USA Network Series RUSH with Tom Ellis Expected to Start Filming May 21st

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When You’re The Best Doctor Money Can Buy. You Need To Make Sure You Don’t Sell Your Soul.

The new USA Network series Rush about a freelance physician who’s a “medical fixer” for the wealthy and debauched of Los Angeles returns to Vancouver in May to shoot its first season, after filming its pilot here last December. Renegade Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis, Once Upon a Time’s original Robin Hood) lives in a hotel suite (Rosewood Hotel Georgia in the pilot) and drives around town in a vintage Mercedes, making house calls for big wads of cash in turn for discretion about damaged pensises and beat-up girlfriends. The hard-partying doctor can’t get too judgemental about his sleazy clients but there is hope for this bad boy.

A couple of women in his life are trying to get him to clean up his act: his assistant Eve (Sarah Habel) and former girlfriend Sarah (Odette Annable). Update: Harry Hamlin is cast as William Rush’s father and Continuum’s Rachel Nichols as Rush Sr.’s trophy wife.

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Rush is expected to start filming its series on May 21st.

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