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SHOOT: CONTINUUM’s Kellog (Stephen Lobo) Vs Emily (Magda Apanowicz) Redux


One of the fun things about a new Continuum timeline is seeing a season two scene re-shot with a different spin in season three. Last season, Kellog (Stephen Lobo) confronted Emily (Magda Apanowicz) about working for Escher (Hugh Dillon), filmed on the east side of Victory Square in downtown Vancouver. “I’ve invested millions in Alec Sadler…and my plans aren’t about to be hijacked by some smug piece of ass, no matter how buoyant,” hissed Kellog as he grabbed her arm. He threatened to tell Alec about her police record and that she worked for Escher. “He may think he loves you but he hasn’t really met you yet, has he?”

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What a difference a new timeline makes. Escher is killed in the season three premiere  so this time when Kellog confronts Emily, he tells her he has a “soft spot for wayward redheads…Orphan Annie…Anne of Green Gables” and suggests she work for him now that “Daddy Warbuck is out of the way”. He then grabs her arm and threatens to tell the Alec (s) about her real name and rap sheet all over again.


But she’s having none of it, confident of Alec’s love. So Kellog ups the ante, threatening to tell Alec that she killed Escher. Emily points out that if Kellog connects her to the murder they will both go down: “Never mess with a girl who shows a propensity for deadly force.” But Kellog is not finished, telling Emily something she doesn’t know — Escher was Alec’s father and her lover will not get over that. “Red” is in big trouble, only to get bigger because of her propensity for . . .


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