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SHOOT: Jeep Commercial Films 400 Block Granville Street as Flowing River in Winter

Update: A jeep drives through a river with snowy banks in downtown Vancouver Saturday after a few days of setup on the closed 400 block of Granville Street.

jeep commercial1_marked


jeep commercial2_marked

For the last few days, crew have been setting up for a [weekend] shoot of a [Jeep] commercial in what-will-be-a-river running down the closed 400 block of Granville Street downtown dressed as a Winter Wonderland, with real flowing water, stones for the river bed, fake boulders and snow-covered trees. Is this the wildest downtown Vancouver set ever? Why create a river flowing through downtown office buildings? And why drive a [Jeep] through it? Meantime, passersby have fun posing with fake boulders. [Update: on Sunday a wolf and goat are expected on set].

car in river commercial_marked

car commercial3_marked

Stones for river bed.

car commercial6_marked

Water for fake river.

water for fake river

Winter wonderland of trees line both sides of the street.

car commercial4_marked

car commercial7_marked

car commercial5_marked

car commercial8_marked

car commercial2_marked

The set has not gone unnoticed on Instagram.

car commercial10

car commercial11

jeep commerical more

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