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NEW SERIES: Syfy’s OLYMPUS Started Filming Today

Humans, Gods, Monsters, Hades. Filming of Syfy’s new 13-episode mythological series Olympus got underway today in Vancouver. Thunderbird Films hasn’t announced the cast yet but says that is coming.


Olympus tells the story of men and women banished by the Gods to the Underworld/Kingdom of Hades, in particular of one man who grows from a fresh-faced youth to a ruthless leader after a series of trials. Where would you film that kind of story around here? Just about anywhere. It’s written by by Nick Willing (Tinman, Alice, Neverland) and produced by Robert Halmi Sr. (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, The Odyssey, Gulliver’s Travels).

Olympus is expected to premiere on Syfy [correction: next year].

I will update this post when more information is available and/or set visit.



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