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SHOOT: THE RETURNED Films Camille’s Mother (Tandi Wright) in Squamish

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Will A&E’s American adaption of French series The Returned  follow the storyline of the award-winning original? It seems so, at least at first. This haunting series is about a group of people who return to their homes in a mountain town, only to discover they have been dead for several years and no one is expecting them to show up. One of the first to return to Caldwell County, Washington, is 16-year-old Camille (India Ennenga) who died in a school bus accident four years earlier. She comes back looking exactly the same and with no memory of where she’s been, shocking her now separated parents, Jack (Mark Pellegrino) and Claire (Tandi Wright), as well as her now aged identical twin sister Lena (Sophie Lowe), who refuses to acknowledge her re-appearance. Camille flees the house in distress.

The Returned is expected to film in Squamish as its small Cascades Mountains town of Caldwell for four months. Last Friday afternoon, it shot a scene of Camille’s mother Claire (Tandi Wright) driving through downtown Squamish dressed as Caldwell. Is she searching for her returned daughter? Here’s the process trailer ready to pull Claire’s car past Squamish’s The Chieftain Hotel and turn north onto Cleveland Street where backgrounders strolled on both sides of the street.

image_4 (3)

Is Camille among these backgrounders walking on Cleveland Street?

image_2 (21)

image_3 (7)

Cascade Mountains territory.

image_2 (26)

image_4 (5)

Claire’s car on process trailer.

image_1 (35)

Tandi Wright plays Claire.

image_1 (24)

A technocrane shot of the backgrounders at the Chieftain Hotel.

image_1 (40)

A tracking shot of the backgrounders on both sides of Cleveland street.

image_1 (28)

image_2 (16)

Lightweight prop miner carving and prop US postal box placed in front of mining mural painted by The Returned crew.

image_3 (6)

Lightweight prop wood carving of Grizzly bear on Cleveland Street.

image_2 (17)

Lightweight prop carving of a mountain goat on Cleveland Street.

image_3 (12)

A&E’s 10-episode The Returned is another perfect fit for Vancouver’s X-Files creepiness, just like Carlton Cuse’s other A&E series Bates Motel, which starts filming a third season here in October after The Returned wraps.


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