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SHOOT: THE RETURNED Films Simon (Mat Vairo) “Returning” in Squamish


Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Mat Vairo


The Returned on location in Squamish.

image_1 (33)

It seems A&E’s American adaption of French series The Returned will follow the storyline of the award-winning original, at least at first. A group of people return to their homes in a mountain town, only to discover they have been dead for several years and no one is expecting them to show up. One of the returned is Simon (Mat Vairo), a musician who comes back to Caldwell County, Washington, 10 years after his death, only to discover his girlfriend Rowan (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has moved on and is about to marry.

Simon and Rowan’s paths cross in the Caldwell Public Library in scenes filmed this Tuesday in North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley Public Library. Last Friday the Squamish Public Library played the exterior of the Caldwell Library for a sequence of a Sheriff squad car pulling a u-turn and apprehending Simon (Vairo) on the street. Is this the officer that Rowan is marrying? Or is her intended the Sheriff, Tommy Moran (Kevin Alejandro)? A&E’s The Returned shot this altercation with several different camera setups against the granite dome backdrop of Stawamus Chief mountain, known as “The Chief” by rockclimbers and locals.

Technocrane above the Main Street and 2nd Avenue intersection in Squamish.

image_4 (7)

Tracking shot.

image_2 (13)

image_2 (12)

image_3 (5)

“The Chief” looms above the intersection.

image_3 (8)

Mat Veiro sits outside Squamish Public Library dressed as Caldwell Public Library between camera setups.

image_5 (2)

image_3 (9)

American flags on the Squamish Municipal Hall.

image_4 (6)


squamish municipal hall

State of Washington flag.

image_1 (34)

Caldwell County Sheriff’s Picture Car.

image_3 (11)

Mat Vairo as Simon.

image_1 (32)

image_3 (10)

A&E’s 10-episode The Returned is another perfect fit for Vancouver’s X-Files creepiness, just like Carlton Cuse’s other Vancouver-shot A&E series Bates Motel, which starts filming a third season here in October after The Returned wraps.

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