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WRAP: MONSTER TRUCKS Wraps Three Months of Filming With Shoot at East Vancouver’s Octagon Motors

Was junkyard owner Danny Glover on the east Vancouver set on wrap day? Perhaps not but how about Lucas Till (X-Men) and Jane Levy (Suburgatory) and their animation-style monster truck? Big-budget $100-million-plus live-action movie Monster Trucks wrapped three months of filming in B.C. as Anderson, North Dakota, yesterday in Octagon Motors on Venables Street. Crew had covered the back windows in the garage so that all that could be seen of the interior shoot was the trucks and equipment outside.

image_1 (42)

Last Friday, production staged some open stunts with stunt doubles at a giant inflatable green screen set at Kent Hangar field off Boundary Road, the go-to backlot for big-budget films in Vancouver.

image_3 (13)

image_4 (9)

Jane Levy stunt double sitting in passenger seat.

image_1 (38) image_2 (24)

The stunt driving involved this flat bed of lumber.

image_3 (14)

Lucas Till stunt driver.

image_4 (11)

Lucas Till stunt driver talking with stunt crew.

image_3 (15)

Monster Trucks’ three month shoot took Ice Age director Chris Wedge’s first live-action film from Kamloops to the Port Coquitlam connector with monster trucks hanging off the side, to the Sumas Prairie near Abbotsford and then to downtown Chilliwack for the big “cat and mouse” chase scene. That was the big public shoot with 300 crew on hand and most of local Chilliwack dropping by to see a bit of it. I spotted Lucas Till, Jane Levy and monster trucks but no Danny Glover, Rob Lowe, Thomas Lennon, Amy Ryan (The Office), Holt McCallaney (Golden Boy), Barry Pepper or Frank Whaley.

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