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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME at Pajo’s Fish & Chips and Tapenade Bistro on Steveston Docks

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Once Upon a Time crew set up to film at two Steveston tourist attractions on the docks today: Pajo’s Fish & Chips (renamed Storybrooke Fish & Chips) and the Tapenade Bistro. CBC’s Richard  Zussman was on the scene to talk to the restaurant owners and to excited fans about the benefits of this hit American series filming  in our historic fishing village.

Fans on the docks weren’t disappointed as newlyweds RumBelle (Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin) made an appearance, strolling arms round one another down the boardwalk towards them. Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin even held hands on the way back from a take.

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In the next scene, Rumple/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) met with his new partner-in-crime Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) — wearing new street clothes not his leathers — on the docks above floating Storybrooke Fish & Chips (Pajo’s).

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CBC interviewed the Pajo’s owner about the economic spinoff of Once Upon a Time in Steveston.

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Once Upon a Time then moved across the street to the Tapenade Bistro to film a #CaptainSwan (Colin O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrsion) dinner date. Earlier in the day, CBC interviewed Tapenade’s Vince Morlet, as crew prepped his restaurant, about the economic benefits of Once Upon a Time filming in Steveston.

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Crew prepares the Tapenade Bistro for filming.

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CBC’s Richard Zussman interviews Tapenade’s Vince Morlet.

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Here’s a link to the CBC story.

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