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SHOOT: THE FLASH’s Jesse L. Martin & Wentworth Miller Chase Sequence at Vancouver Community College for 1×04

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The Flash introduces Leonard Snart aka villain Captain Cold, the leader of the Rogues, in the fourth episode of this freshman DC drama shooting this week. Snart (Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller & stunt double) had a rough go this afternoon in the August heat, chased by Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin & stunt double) up and down BC Parkway on the north side of Vancouver Community College.

Here Jesse L. Martin strikes a Rocky pose at the top of the stairs before running down Glen Drive to BC Parkway, filmed by a camera cart.

image_2 (55)

Detective West (Jesse L. Martin) chases Snart filmed by camera cart.

image_1 (89)

Chaser and Chasee share a laugh between takes.

image_1 (87)

Snart (stunt double) runs out into traffic and rolls across the hood of a Central City Taxi.

image_2 (56)

Camera cart lense on right.

image_1 (88)

Final exterior scene. Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) faces off against Detective West (Jesse L. Martin). Here Miller walks through the scene with the director.

image_5 (23)

And practices raising his freeze-ray weapon with his stunt double.

image_3 (41)

Captain Cold from DC Comics.


Is Detective West (Jesse L. Martin) frozen in this shot? Time for a crossover with Once Upon a Time?

image_2 (57)

Production then moved inside Vancouver Community College to their Hall of Heroes set.

image_3 (40)

image_1 (90)

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th on The CW.

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