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TORONTO DEBUT: Twisted Bromance LAWRENCE & HOLLOMAN at Royal Cinema Tonight

Vancouver’s own feel-bad comedy Lawrence & Holloman takes Toronto tonight, with a premiere at The Royal Cinema on College Street followed by a Q&A with filmmakers & cast — plus an after-party.

Adapted from a play by Morris Panych, Lawrence & Holloman is a darkly funny, sometimes insane buddy comedy about Lawrence (Ben Cotton), a boundlessly-optimistic lewd-and-crude department store suit salesman for whom everything goes right – until he meets Holloman (Daniel Arnold), a suicidal credit collector and malcontent. Suddenly everything goes wrong for Lawrence. Very wrong indeed.

Production Still from Lawrence & Holloman

Daniel Arnold & Ben Cotton. Production Still from Lawrence & Holloman.

Lawrence & Holloman the play is just the two actors on stage together, with each scene marking a new injury for Lawrence. Director Matthew Kowalchuk took their story on location — with added characters like Katherine Isabelle’s “lesbo” —  to make it work as his first feature film.


The director’s worst day on set? Turns out it wasn’t his cameo as a dumpster diver,  but a Lawrence dreamscape shot in the rain and the wind. Blue sky had to be added in post-production.


Lawrence & Holloman has been on an accolades roll with 11 Jury awards — including  three at last year’s Edmonton International Film Festival for Best Canadian Feature, Rising Star Award: Filmmaking (Matthew Kowalchuk) and Rising Star Award: Acting (Ben Cotton) plus the BC Emerging Filmmaker Award (Matthew Kowalchuk) at last year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. The sickly funny bro-mance also garnered nine Leo Award nominations including Best Motion Picture and four Canadian Comedy Awards nominations  — Best Feature Film nomination (along with Vancouver’s That Burning Feeling), Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Screenplay.

After opening in theatres in Vancouver and  Edmonton, Lawrence & Holloman is set for six screenings at the Royal Cinema in Toronto.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 30 @ 4pm  &  @ 7pm 
SUNDAY,  AUGUST 31 @ 4pm

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