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Update: Snarky Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) will voice Grumpy Cat.

Adorable, furry Grumpy Cat wrapped her Lifetime movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever today in Vancouver. Why is her Christmas so horrible? Thank a mall pet store owner Marcus Crabtree (David Lewis) who’s mean to the permanently frowning feline. And a Santa played by Indo-Canadian comic Russell Peters. Luckily Grumpy Cat  is rescued on Christmas Eve after the mall closes by a 12-year-old girl Chrystal (Meghan Charpentier) who understands what she’s saying and together the two discover the true meaning of Christmas.

grumpy cat and friend

Copyright Lifetime.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever filmed most of its holiday movie in Coquitlam Centre — first on a Santa set and then in a Whiskers pet store set — where assistants handed out Grumpy Cat buttons to her young fans and even arranged for some of them to meet her one Sunday.

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Here’s a photo still from @RealGrumpyCat, who was simply Tardar Sauce (real name) two years ago, a cat with a permanent frown caused by feline dwarfism. Then the brother of her owner, Tabby Bundesen, posted a photo on Reddit and a gazillion Internet memes, 5 million Facebook friends and 200,000 Twitter followers later, she is starring in her own Lifetime holiday movie.

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