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SET SALE: USA Network Cancels RUSH with Tom Ellis as Renegade Doctor


Tom Ellis was well-cast as the freelance physician who drove around L.A. in a vintage Mercedes, making house calls to the wealthy and debauched in exchange for big wads of cash and discretion about damaged penises and beat-up girlfriends. The hard-partying doctor couldn’t be too judgmental about his sleazy clients. For every step forward, this bad boy took ten steps back. In the season — now series — finale he seemed to have turned his life around and then everything went wrong. Very wrong. In retrospect I wish they’d let him have his happy ending. He’d earned it.

Silver lining: fabulous wardrobe and set sale with lots of high-end clothing and furnishings. Anything Tom Ellis wore will be as tall and lean as this 6’3″ Welshman.

Rush liquidation sale

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