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SHOOT: THE FLASH Films the Flash (Grant Gustin) vs Pied Piper (Andy Mientus) near Olympic Cauldron

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The Flash faced off against his latest villain, The Pied Piper, today in downtown Vancouver near the Olympic Cauldron. Background actors ran in terror as The Piped Piper shot sonic blasts at them, exploding one car and one Central City squad car with loud SPFX bangs which echoed around the downtown. The scarlet speedster aka The Flash quickly arrived on the scene to confront him.

Grant Gustin as The Flash.


Grant Gustin and stunt double Cody together on set to shoot The Flash red-streaking across the intersection.

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tf oc gg5_marked

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To confront The Pied Piper.

tf oc_marked

The Flash has upper hand at first.

tf vs pp_marked

Uh-oh Barry. Piper’s getting up. The Flash is about to go flying backward into a Rathaway Industries window.

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tf pp1_marked 

Grant Gustin shares a laugh with the Pied Piper (Andy Mientus) after the take.

image_1 (2)

tf oc gg_marked

The Pied Piper.

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tf pied piper

Moment of SPFX explosion.

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Grill on the front kept smoking during later takes.

tf oc 8_marked

Cameraman up high.

tf oc camera_marked

High above the Pied Piper.

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