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SHOOT: SUPERNATURAL Films Car Crash Into Prop Telephone Pole in Ladner


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Supernatural lit up an east Ladner neighbourhood on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (December 2nd and 3rd) this past week. Locals got a peek at Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and the Impala on Holly Park Drive on Tuesday night.


But there was no cast on set Wednesday night for a stunt of this silver Chrysler Sebring driving down the road from a house on Holly Park Drive and crashing into a telephone pole. Crew erected two prop telephone poles near the power lines, specifically designed for this crash stunt. And Delta police closed Holly Park Drive from 66th to 64th Street so not much could be seen except for the five huge lights on lifts around set. 

Prop telephone poles.

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Filming starts at prop telephone poles. And later the Impala could be heard roaring up the road.

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A big thank you to Stacey @HushRules and her son for sharing that Supernatural had come to visit their neighbourhood.


Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW in the U.S. and Joy TV locally.

1 thought on “SHOOT: SUPERNATURAL Films Car Crash Into Prop Telephone Pole in Ladner”

  1. Thanks for all the cool sighting info! I love reading your reports.

    Do you think you’ve had as many sighting of Jensen this season as in past years? It kind of feels like he’s off a lot lately and maybe not filming as much.

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