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SHOOT: USA Network Pilot EVIL MEN With Dallas Roberts & Clifton Collins Jr. Films at False Creek

USA Network’s supernatural drama Evil Men is expected to wrap filming of its pilot in Vancouver this week. What’s it about?  A powerful entity forces an everyday man Harry Killas (Walking Dead’s Dallas Roberts) to kill “evil men” or else his family and city will be destroyed. How far will he go to protect his family? And why does he spare his first target Lazlo Kirk (Clifton Collins Jr.)?

Clifton Collins Jr. and Dallas Roberts in rain.


But even if greenlit, will Evil Men cast want to come back after enduring day after day of Pacific storms slamming the west coast? Look at the rain at their collapsed building green screen set in east False Creek last Wednesday.

EvilMen 34

EvilMen 13


Backgrounders play dead at a collapsed building set.

EvilMen 32

EvilMen 40


Evil Men is one of five drama pilots vying for a slot on the USA Network. The other four: Carlton Cuse’s Colony with Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies; Mr. Robot with Christian Slater; Queen of the South and Stanistan with Jennifer Carpenter.

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