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DIGITAL: DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER With Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory & Dennis Haysbert Streams March 27th on Crackle

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Dead Rising: Watchtower — dubbed “Indiana Jones with Zombies” — stars Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas, Desperate Housewives), Dennis Haysbert (Backstrom, 24) and Meghan Ory (Intelligence, Once Upon a Time). The trailer opens with scenes filmed at its FEZA (Federal Emergency Zombie Authority) shelter set at BC Place.

dead Rising zombie village

dr bcplace

dr feza

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Screenshot (323)

Dennis Haysbert.

dr sc2

Jesse Metcalfe running near BC Place.




And jumps into the van driven by Virginia Madsen.

Meghan Ory

dr meghan

The big scenes were shot on the old Watchmen Main Street set in south Burnaby.

dr sc

Dead Rising: Watchtower streams March 27th on Crackle.



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