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TV PILOTS: THE ADVOCATE with Kim Raver; MIX; ORIGINAL SIN with Joan Allen; HEART MATTERS with Melissa George; STRANGE CALLS with Danny Pudi; UNVEILED with Liam McIntyre; DARKSIDE; DEAD PEOPLE with Andrew West & BREED With Justin Chatwin

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From Sheldon Klein comes drama The Advocate about a powerful woman (Kim Raver/24) who is medically misdiagnosed and suffers for it. She then decides to leave her big career behind to advocate for those caught in “chaotic and ever-changing maze” of the health care system. Inspired by real-life story of CAA agent Byrdie Lifson-Pompan. Ellie Knight, Freddie Thorpe, Joy Bryant and Coby Bell co-star. March 18th to April 2nd (Dates Subject to Change). Production Sign: 

tv pilots the advocate

Dramedy Mix is a multi-cultural, multi-generational drama set in a family restaurant from Rashida Jones and Will McCormack’s Le Train Train production company. Jennifer Cecil is showrunner of this soap about divorces, affairs, adoptions and all the other things that make up a modern family. Camille Gusty will play the eldest child Lois who resents her younger half-sister Remy and is raising an adopted Ethiopian child. Myles Caldwell, Walter Perez, Blake Lee, Yobdee and Joaquim de Almeida co-star. March 12th to 30th (Dates Subject to Change). Production Sign: MIX.

Showrunner Jenna Bans returns to Vancouver with a new pilot after ABC passed on last year’s Sea of Fire. In her new pilot [The Family] politician Claire Warren (Joan Allen)’s son Adam, presumed dead for over a decade, resurfaces alive and shakes up his community. The cop responsible for arresting the neighbour for his murder has to re-examine everything that happened. Rupert Graves plays Claire (Allen)’s husband, who writes a series of books about grief after the loss of his son. Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights) will play Adam’s self-destructive older brother. Margot Bingham, Joan Allen, Alison Pill, Floriana Lima and Madeleine Arthur co-star. March 13th to 28th (Dates Subject to Change). Production Sign: UJBP.

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os 299

From CBS star Amy Brenneman, medical soap Heart Matters is inspired by Dr. Kathy Magliato’s life and book, following female heart-transplant surgeon Alex (Melissa George/Grey’s Anatomy) from week to week as she balances her professional and romantic life with her boyfriend (Dave Annable/Red Band Society). Don Hany to play chief of surgery Dr. Jessie Shane. March 22nd to April 8th (Dates Subject to Change).

tv pilot melissa-george

tv pilot dave annable

Based on an Australian format, horror comedy pilot Strange Calls is about young cop Toby (Community’s Danny Pudi) who’s transferred to the remote town of Coolum where nobody goes out after dark because of town’s bizarre supernatural goings-on. He is helped by Gregor (Daniel Stern), a peculiar, elderly night watchman. Allison Miller and Aliyah Royale co-star. March 14th to March 22nd (Dates Subject to Change). Production Sign: TCF-SC.

tv pilots danny pudi

Mark Burnett and Rona Downey’s drama pilot Unveiled is about a group of flawed guardian angels who intervene in the lives of those who’ve lost their faith, similar to Roma Downey’s star-making show Touched By An Angel. Mouzam Makkar has been cast as guardian angel Gabrielle Horne. Stephen James, Liam McIntyre, Dana Davis, Will Kemp and Connie Nielsen co-star. March 16th to April 8th (Dates Subject to Change). Production Sign: GEP-UV.

tf weather wizard

The CW

Our city remains on #TeamJJ (an inside-joke Twitter hashtag  for JJ.Abrams projects and players) with new CW pilot Dead People. From Californication creator Tom Kapinos and JJ Abrams, Dead People is about a charming rogue of a cabbie (Andrew J. West/The Walking Dead) who is able to communicate with ghosts after a near-death experience including the woman who got away — his dead ex-wife (Alexandra Chando). March 19th to April 7th (Dates Subject to Change).

tv pilot dp for twitter

TV Pilot DP10

Tales from the Dark Side is a reboot of the 1980s anthology with Kris Lemeche as the guide to those who come across to our world from The Darkside. He knows what causing the Darkside events but not how to stop them. March 19th to April 1st  (Dates Subject to Change).


Killer monsters thriller Breed is based on John Scott Shepherd’s novel Life or Something Like It. Mentally-unstable Tacoma detective Cooper Wells (Justin Chatwin) investigates a series of brutal killings in the Pacific Northwest and uncovers a mysterious race of barbarous creatures. Teddy (Shaun Majumder) is Cooper’s new partner at Tacoma Police Dept. And Callie Thorne is a prosecutor whose appearance hides secrets. March 2nd to March 20th (Dates Subject to Change). Production Sign: BPI.

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Related: Breed’s Justin Chatwin Films in Gastown Bistro.


Filming dates are from Creative BC Film List and Directors Guild of Canada – BC – Production List. And are subject to change.


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