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PREMIERE: Squamish is THE RETURNED’s Mountain Town The Dead Return To on A&E Tonight


Squamish, are you ready for your closeup? A&E’s American adaption of acclaimed French series The Returned premieres tonight after Bates Motel, with Squamish playing the Cascades Mountains town where a group of people return to their homes, only to discover they have been dead for several years and no one is expecting them to show up. One of the first to return to Caldwell County, Washington, is 16-year-old Camille (India Ennenga) who died in a school bus accident four years earlier. She comes back looking exactly the same and with no memory of where she’s been, shocking her now separated parents, Jack (Mark Pellegrino) and Claire (Tandi Wright), as well as her now aged identical twin sister Lena (Sophie Lowe), who refuses to acknowledge her re-appearance.

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A&E Image.

Another of the Returned is Simon (Mat Vairo), a musician who comes back to Caldwell County, Washington, 10 years after his death, only to discover his girlfriend Rowan (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has moved on and is about to marry.

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Peter (Jeremy Sisto) runs a support group for people grieving over the death of those they love.

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Other cast: Sandrine Holt, Agnes Bruckner, Kevin Alejandro, Aaron Douglas, Dakota Guppy, Leah Gibson, Michelle Forbes, Rhys Ward, Scott Hylands, Terry Chen and Roger Cross.

The Returned filmed its ten episodes on and off in Squamish for four months last summer and fall with most of the action centred around the historic Chieftain Hotel on Cleveland Avenue.

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Local artist Patrick Spavor painted the mining murals on the Chieftain Hotel for the series, according to the Squamish Chief.

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The Returned premieres tonight on A&E in the U.S. and Canada after Bates Motel. 

And can be streamed on Netflix 24 hours later outside of North America.


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    1. The tunnel is in North Vancouver close to Capilano Road. It runs underneath HWY 1 from the top of Philip Road. Hope that helps

  1. I love the house where Camille lives. Is that also in north Vancouver?
    The plan of the house is awesome and is exactly what we are looking for for our cottage!!! Would love to
    See more pictures of the house 🙂

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