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SHOOT: THE FLASH Ice Cream Truck Heist with SPFX Explosion, Jesse L. Martin & Grant Gustin at Andy Livingstone Park


Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin gives it his all in rehearsal — script in side pocket).

The Flash’s villain-of-the-week blew up an ice cream truck in Vancouver’s Andy Livingstone Park today in an SPFX explosion. Why would anyone want to steal ice cream? They wouldn’t. But what if it were gold bars not Rocky Road inside the truck? And Central City’s finest guarding it  — Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin). Unfortunately this masked villain seems impervious to Det. West’s bullets. Another meta-human? And so the Flash (Grant Gustin/stunt double) comes to his “Dad”‘s rescue.

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tf ict55_marked

Standoff: Meta-human vs Joe West (Jesse L. Martin).

tf ict33_marked

Camera crew on overpass.

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tf ict60_marked

The scarlet speedster to Dad’s rescue.


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tf ict117_marked

Villain unmasked? [General Wade Eiling (Clancy Brown0) mind-controlled by GRODD]

tf ict 103_marked_marked

Prop gold bars that were in back of ice cream truck.

tf ict6_marked

In an early scene, Central City kids knock on window at the intersection thinking this is a real ice cream truck.

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