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VWF: Vancouver Web Fest Screenings (March 6-8) with Parked, Nightwing: Prodigal & More

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Today is the third day of the second annual Vancouver Web Fest down on Granville Island at the Performance Works. So many web series have screened but there are more today ahead of tonight’s Awards Ceremony & Gala. Vancouver’s Parked, a comedy web series about modern fathers, and a festival favourite with three nominations — for Best Canadian Web Series, Best Actor (David Lewis) and Best Director (Peter DeLuise) — screened Friday night.


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And Vancouver superhero Nighthawk: Prodigal, starring wrestler Brady Roberts, screened on Saturday afternoon. The not-for-profit fan-made series is about grownup Robin who dons a darker mask in the absence of Batman. A cast and crew of 50 filmed in Vancouver over eight days to produce the four episodes. See VanCity Buzz.

nightwing p

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Friday, March 6th

 Screenings Block 1: Foodists, Standard Action, Kiss My Incoming Ass and Parked from Vancouver.

Saturday, March 7th

Screenings Block 2: The Abs Tract: Core Philosophy, nominee for Best SFX, and Fools for Hire from Vancouver.

Screenings Block 3:  Nightwing: Prodigal from Vancouver. I attended this block.

Nightwing: Prodigal’s Brady Roberts says DC comics supports fan-made adaptations.

nightwing prodigal brady

Fatty Littlehead: Space Ranger, nominee for best score.

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Funny LARPs: The Series from Montreal. Winner of Best Comedy series.

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The Future Starts Here. Documentary from Tiffany Shlain, founder of the Webbies. Nominee for Best Foreign Web Series.

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LA: Macabre. Winner of Best Mystery series.

Creepy STILL. Nominee for Best Cinematography. Winner of Best Sci Fi series.

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Hilarious Sin Vida Propria. Spain. Nominee for Best Foreign Web Series. Nominee for Best Screenplay.

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Screenings Block 4: Food Flix from Vancouver. Winner of Best Animation.

Screenings Block 6: Vancouver Cycle Chic Films.

Sunday, March 8th

Screenings Block 7: Single and Dating in Vancouver. Nominee for Best Actress (Sheri Rabold).

Screenings Block 8: Behind the Rock, Relationsh*t and Garage Sale Murders from Vancouver.

Screenings Block 9: Stricken from Vancouver. Nominee for Best Cinematography.

Awards Ceremony and Gala Tonight.

Winner of Best Web Series: Guidestones.

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