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PREMIERE: OLYMPUS With Tom York as Man Challenging the Gods Debuts Tonight on Syfy & SuperChannel


Can one man challenge the Gods? Olympus premieres tonight on Syfy. This 13-episode series from Nick Willing (Alice, Neverland, and Tin Man) is a mostly green-screen Vancouver production of the Greek myths. Set in BC, it tells the story of humans banished by the Gods to the realm of the unconscious — the Underworld or Kingdom of Hades. Our hero (Tyrant’s Tom York) seeks the truth about this past. Sonya Cassidy is the Oracle; Sonita Enry is Medea, Matt Frewer (Orphan Black) is Daedalus and Graham Shiels (Guardians of the Galaxy) is King Aegues. Sanctuary’s Martin Wood and Amanda Tapping directed many of the episodes.






Olympus airs Thursdays  on Syfy in the U.S. and SuperChannel in Canada.

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