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SHOOT: THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Films Luke Kleintank & Alexa Davalos at North Vancouver’s Cleveland Dam

mithc c7 s.1

Alternate history? What if the Germans and Japanese won WWII?  Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle — based on Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel — shot scenes of what looks like Nazi double agent Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) on North Vancouver’s Cleveland Dam Friday night. The backstory: double agent Joe Blake travels to the Rocky Mountain states from German-controlled New York to infiltrate the resistance where he meets Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) from Japanese-controlled San Francisco. Produced by Ridley Scott and set in 1962, the 10-episode series filmed its pilot in Seattle and Roswell, Washington, and is now shooting its series in metro Vancouver.

Sun sets at Capilano River Park as Colorado.

mithc c36 2

Double agent Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) drives his truck up.

mithc c6 s

mithc c5 s

mithc c1 s1

mithc c2 s

Technocrane stretches out above the Cleveland dam.

mithc 35 s

The view down.

mithc c15 2

Prop vehicles. Joe Blake’s truck on right.

mithc c19 2

Production design made these old-style metal street lamps with amber lights and installed them on  the damn.

mithc c16 2

mithc 24 2

Time-lapse camera.

mithc 32

To capture this.

mithc c26 2


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