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NEW MOVIE: Faith-based THE SHACK With Sam Worthington & Graham Greene/Octavia Spencer as God Starts Filming June 8th in Vancouver

Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity.

the shack

Updated: With casting of Graham Greene.

Faith-based big-budget movie The Shack with Avatar star Sam Worthington as a grieving father Mack,  Graham Greene as Papa (Mack’s wife’s name for God) and Octavia Spencer as the female version of God starts filming in Vancouver next Monday. Based on the worldwide bestseller by Canadian William P. Young, The Shack is about a man (Sam Worthington) whose youngest daughter is abducted and believed murdered, based on evidence found in “The Shack”. God  invites him back to “The Shack” four years later, where he finds something that changes his life.

Radha Mitchell (who filmed Red Widow in Vancouver) plays Mack’s deeply religious wife and Aviv Alush is Jesus. Stuart Hazeldine directs the movie for Lionsgate Films.

The Shack is expected to shoot in metro Vancouver from June 8th to July 29th (dates subject to change).

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