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SET: THE X-FILES Revival Crashed UFO Set in Ashcroft, B.C.

Updated with information from Vancouver Sun story.

So maybe The X-Files Revival isn’t done with a vast government conspiracy to hide the truth about the existence of aliens from the public.

xfiles ashcroft

Photo credit: Gareth M. Smart.

Gareth M. Smart photographed The X-Files Revival set of a crash-landed UFO in Ashcroft B.C. and shared it on Facebook.

xfiles ashcroft

[An X-Files crew has been filming at night this week the photographer told the Vancouver Sun]. And staying at The Wilderness Way Adventure Resort, which posted on Facebook –“We believe…the cast and crew will have an ‘out of this world experience while staying at The Wilderness Way Adventure Resort this week.”

The X-Files original series shot in this area multiple times during its 5-year run (1993 to 1998) in British Columbia, before moving production to Los Angeles.

How hot will it be in Ashcroft during this June heatwave?

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