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SHOOT: THE FLASH’s Grant Gustin vs Atom Smasher at Flash Day in Yaletown’s George Wainborn Park

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Update: The big guy is Atom-Smasher, played by former WWE Superstar Adam “Edge”  Copeland, who’s “come to Central City to kill The Flash”, according to

So rude. Who is the big guy in the blue mask punching The Flash on his  big day? The Flash turned Yaletown’s George Wainborn Park into Flash Day in Central City today for the second season premiere.

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tf gw8

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The Big Bad, emphasis on Big, is Atom-Smasher, played by WWE star Adam “Edge” Copeland.

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the flash atom smahser

Atom Smasher vs The Flash.

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Grant Gustin gets a thumbs up from Adam “Edge” Copeland after his part in the stunt sequence wraps.

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The Flash stunt double is not treated so well. Big Bad aka Atom-Smasher hits him so hard he flips over.

Red shirts.

tf gw1

tf-crowd e

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tf gw2-2

Remember the Ice Cream Truck heist?

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Fans make silly faces with Grant Gustin.

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