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SHOOT: THE FLASH’s Scarlet Speedster (Grant Gustin) With King Shark & Harrison Wells in Vancouver’s Business District

The Flash season 2 poster.

the flash poster e


How many speedsters will there be in season two of The Flash? Reportedly Earth 2 and its dopplegangers will visit Central City this Fall through the singularity/wormhole of the season one finale.

tf hp24 e-2

Grant Gustin in his new Flash suit in downtown Vancouver.

We’ll meet another version of The Flash — Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) with his winged helmut — who’ll mentor Barry Allen for a while.

And there’s a new Central City detective Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten), who’s pictured as the woman who needs saving on The Flash season two poster.

the flash jay garrick

We’ll also meet Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) aka Kid Flash.

Plus female college student speedster Jesse Quick ( Violett Beane).

And there will be a new Big Bad speedster –Zoom (to be voiced by Tony Todd). Zoom will not be same kind of foe as the Reverse Flash. He’ll want something different from Barry Allen.

So who was under the black hood on Thursday night in Portal Park Pavilion? 

Update: Saw it was Tom Cavanagh at the shoot.. He and Grant Gustin had too much fun in scene. But did not know who Cavanagh would be in season 2 — Harrison Wells from Earth 2.0.

tf hp21 l e-2

tf hp21 e-2

tf-hp25-e-2 f

tf hp e-2

tf hp31 e-2

And later at Oceanic Plaza turned Porter Plaza for the night. Fans watched Grant Gustin run down the stairs in take after take as The Flash.

tf hp22.0 e-2

Grant Gustin laughing with crew on his way back up. [Why? Because he’s confronting a giant computer-generated man-shark — super villain King Shark].

tf hp21,3 e-2

On Friday The Flash returned downtown — this time to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Vancouver Public Library — for a “Fraturday” overnight shoot. Fans spotted at least one exterior scene before production moved inside to what looked like a gala dinner set. And another after.




4 thoughts on “SHOOT: THE FLASH’s Scarlet Speedster (Grant Gustin) With King Shark & Harrison Wells in Vancouver’s Business District”

  1. The big bad will be Zoom, just Zoom. Not Professor Zoom. They are two different characters. Professor Zoom in the comics was Eobard Thawne. Zoom was Hunter Zolomom and Wally West’s nemesis. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I couldn’t figure out how Professor Zoom could be any different from last season’s Reverse Flash since both are written as Eobard Thawne. But it’s a different Zoom.

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