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INDIE: Giancarlo Esposito’s THIS IS YOUR DEATH With Josh Duhamel & Famke Janssen Starts Filming Mid-November in Vancouver

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Update: This is Your Death begins production in CBC Vancouver as the fictional reality show studio.

Breaking Bad’s uber-villain Giancarlo Esposito is prepping to direct satirical drama This is Your Death in Vancouver next month. Josh Duhamel will star as the host of a reality show whose audience tunes in to watch the contestants die. Famke Janssen will play his network boss who encourages the host to goose the ratings any way he can.

Josh Duhamel. Transformers image.

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Famke Janssen. X-Men image.

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This is Your Death sounds like a higher stakes version of Survivor or even the fictional Breaking Bad, which had so many darkly comic deaths including the demise of Esposito’s own character Gustavo “Gus” Fring.

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As well as directing and producing, Esposito will play one of the doomed contestants. Filming in metro Vancouver is expected to go from November 15th to December 14th via the DGC-BC Production List.

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