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SHOOT: SECOND CHANCE’s Frankenstein Character (Rob Kazinsky) Gets Mad in Downtown Vancouver

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A scientific breakthrough will give him a second chance. Now their creation will come to life. 


Second Chance (formerly Lookinglass/The Frankenstein Code) — starring Pacific Rim’s Rob Kazinsky — is about Jimmy Pritchard, a 75-year-old, morally-corrupt ex- L.A. County Sheriff who’s murdered by corrupt cops, only to be brought  back to life by the young founders of Lookinglass as his younger 35-year-old self  – albeit with super human strength and speed and a chance to right his wrongs.

What if you could start over? What if you could be faster, stronger, smarter? 

Co-starring Dilshad Vadsaria, Adhir Kalyan, Tim DeKay and Ciara Bravo and produced by Rand Ravich, Howard Gordon and Michael Cuesta, Lookinglass started filming in metro Vancouver in late August and is expected to wrap late January next year. It debuts January 13th on FOX.

Today Second Chance is filming on Beatty Street in downtown Vancouver near the Chambar restaurant. Seriously, why would you piss him off?

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lg23 e-2

Frankenstein Smash.

lg19 e-2

lg21 e-2

Rob Kazinsky as himself — out of character.

lg28 e-2

Seeing double.

Fox image.

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