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LOCATION: THE FLASH’s Barry-Patty Date (Grant Gustin & Shantel VanSuten) at Vancouver Public Library

The Flash chose the roof of the Vancouver Public Library as the locale for Barry Allen’s first date with Patty Spivot in this week’s The Darkness and the Light.

A literal blind date –with Barry blinded from an encounter with an Earth 2.0 meta-human. Cisco acts as his eyes through dark glasses but he doesn’t need much help because Barry and Patty are adorkable together. Or as the shippers call them: #Batty.


tf vpl14

tf vpl8

tf vpl13

After dark, Patty tells Barry that she’s known the whole evening that he can’t see.

tf vpl28

tf vpl24

tf vpl21

They walk out hand-in-hand and share their first kiss.

tf vpl10

tf vpl6

tf vpl2

tf vpl3

Until both their phones ring and they are called to work.

tf vpl
Off camera, Grant Gustin and Shantel VanSanten are just as adorkable filming the scene.

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