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WFF: Whistler Film Festival Borsos Awards & Closing Gala Screening of Okanagan-Filmed NUMB on December 6th

The only thing more blinding than snow  . . . is greed.

borsos numb 10 e

Jason Goode’s first feature film Numb is the closing gala screening at the 15th annual Whistler Film Festival next Sunday. Shot in the Okanagan Valley for 18 days this year from mid-February to early March, the survival thriller is about a debt-strapped Vancouver couple who team up with sibling hitchhikers to search for stolen gold in the winter wilderness. Recently unemployed Will (Jamie Bamber) picks up hitchikers Lee (Aleks Paunovic) and Cheryl (The 100’s Maria Avgeropoulos) in northern BC to his wife Dawn (Stefanie von Pfetten)’s dismay. When Will’s next pickup dies with GPS coordinates in his wallet the gold hunt is on. Turns out the elderly man was a bank robber and the coordinates should lead them to $4 million in gold he’d stashed nearby that was never recovered by the police. What could go wrong? 

borsos numb8 e

borsos numb2 e

For tickets, click here.

Borsos Awards:

The Borsos Awards for the best Canadian feature films will be presented next Sunday morning. Carl Bessai, Marc-Andre Grondin and Kim McCraw are this year’s jurors. And Numb is one of about 20 eligible features at the Festival.

  • Best Canadian Feature Film ($15,000  sponsored by Directors Guild of Canada – BC  and $15,000 post production prize sponsored by Encore Vancouver.)
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Performance
  • Best Cinematography

Basic Human Needs

borsos basic human needs e

The Birdwatcher

borsos the birdwtcher e

The Colossal Failure of the Human Relatioship

borsos colossal failure of human relationship e

The Demons

borsos the demons e

The Diary of an Old Man

borsos the diary of an old man e


forsaken 2 e


borsos FSM e

He Hated Pigeons

borsos he hated pigeons e

The Hotel Dieux

borsos hotel dieux e

The Mirage

borsos the mirage e


borsos natasha e


borsos nestor e


borsos numb 12e

Patterson’s Wager

borsos pw e


borsos River1 e

The Sabbatical

borsos the sabbatical e

The Step

borsos the steps e

The Sublet

borsos the sublet e


borsos suspension e


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