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CASTING: Djimon Hounsou Cast on WAYWARD PINES Season 2 Currently Re-building its Town Set in South Burnaby


Who else will be making a home in Wayward Pines in season 2 after more than 2,000 years of suspended animation?  Dijon Hounsou is cast as town historian CJ Mitchum, according to Deadline Hollywood,  He joins Jason Patric cast as surgeon  Dr. Theo Redline, who finds himself in a battle between the townspeople and the First Generation of children who took control in the season one finale.

wayward pines Djimon Hounsou1

wayward pines jason patrick e

More casting: Nimrat Kaur (Homeland) will play Theo (Jason Patric)’s architect wife Rebecca and Vancouver’s own Kacey Rohl (The Killing, The Magicians, Once Upon a Time)  will be Kerry Campbell, part of the new Wayward Pines brain trust, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Wayward Pines season one began with agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) walking dazed through this strange little town in Idaho (an Agassiz set since torn down but being re-built on the CMPP Studios back lot aka the “Watchmen set”  in south Burnaby).

Agassiz set.

wpp 20

And ended with his son Ben doing the same thing.

wayward pines season 1 finale eee

A lot happened in between.

A lot happened in between. Over 10 episodes last summer, we learned that the town was created by Dr. David Pilcher, who foresaw the apocalypse of mankind and snatched up one thousand  people to put in suspended animation for two thousand years as the rest of humanity mutated into mindless killers dubbed Abbies (aberrations). Disappointed by the rebellion of Group B — the second test group — Pilcher let the Abbies overrun the town in the finale,  dooming everyone but The First Generation of children. Ethan Burke died to save his wife, mistress, son and others from slaughter but was it all for naught? By the time Ben woke up in hospital a few years later, The First Generation was in charge and practicing what Pilcher preached — public reckonings to keep the adults in line.

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The international summer hit will film its second season in metro Vancouver starting March 1st and wrapping June 24th (dates subject to change) according to the Directors Guild of Canada – BC production list.

Canadian Motion Pictures Park (CMPP) Studios back lot also known as the Watchmen set, where Wayward Pines is re-building its town set.

Supernatural filming on set.

cmpp backlot3

Torn down Agassiz set.



M. Night Shyamalan is still overseeing production and author Blake Crouch is still involved, but season one show runner Chad Hodge has moved on, replaced by Mark Friedman.

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  1. Canadian Motion Pictures Park (CMPP) Studios back lot at Byrne Road and Marine Way. Known in the industry as Watchmen set because it was built for the Watchmen movie. Used by many since. Was Godzilla’s San Francisco Chinatown. Will add some photos

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