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TEASER: THE X-FILES Season Finale Opening Scene With Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) And An Alien Twist

The X-Files shared the opening of the season finale on Twitter during halftime at the Super Bowl today. And it’s a mind-bender. Scully as an alien?

xfiles finale5

xfiles finale6

xfiles finale20

xfiles finale7

xfiles finale 9

xfiles finale23

Dana Scully begins by recapping her role in The X-Files like Fox Mulder did in the season opener.

xfiles finale27

xfiles finale25

xfiles finale30

And then speaks of the uber conspiracy detailed in the season premiere —  “conspiracy of men hiding [alien] science for almost 60 years, secrets kept from the American people by a self-interested cabal intent on a consolidation of power”.

And of the results from her season premiere DNA test which showed “DNA anomalies that I can only classify as alien”.

And then Dana Scully morphs into an alien.

FOX took the teaser down after the halftime show.

The X-Files airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX in the U.S. and CTV in Canada.

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