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SHOOT: Kevin Smith Directs Grant Gustin & Candice Patton in Vancouver’s Crab Park

flash cp220

May 10th Update: In The Runaway Dinosaur, Barry fights to return to his old life.

flash cp130-2

The Flash filmed Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) [with Iris West (Candice Patton) as the Speed Force] at Vancouver’s Crab Park today.

flash cp121-2

Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob is directing the episode. He did not disappoint, wearing his signature backwards white cap, big coat, hockey jersey and jean shorts to set.

flash cp110-2

Candace Patton came out between takes with her red down coat over her costume while Grant Gustin sat on the pier enjoying the sunshine.

flash cp100-2

flash cp154-2.

In the last scene, production pushed park goers down to the beach to clear the slope so that Barry could leave  and run up from the waterfront.

flash cp109 e-2

Barry runs up slope.

flash sp223

Grant Gustin jogs back after running up the slope.

flash cp104 e-2

flash cp105-2

Candice Patton’s Instagram.

Rough day at the office. 📽 #Vancouver 🇨🇦

A photo posted by Candice Patton (@candicekp) on

Grant Gustin’s instagram.

Today in between shots.

A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on

Kevin Smith directs.

flash ks-2 e

Same episode the following week in Mountain View Cemetery.

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