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SHOOT: NBC Pilot POWERLESS’s Crimson Fox Stunts in Downtown Vancouver Today

powerless 1-2

Ever wondered what it would be like to clean up after Batman V Superman trashes a town?


NBC pilot Powerless filmed some Crimson Fox stunts in downtown Vancouver today. Powerless is a workplace comedy set in the DC Comics universe about Joe Schmoes at an insurance company who dream of their own super powers while they mop up after super heroes and villains.

powerless 9-2


powerless 2-2


Justice League member Crimson Fox.

crimson fox

Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical/Grease Live!’s Rizzo) is insurance claims adjuster Emily Locke.

Vanessa Hudgens. Grease Live! image.

powerless vh
Danny Pudi, (Community) is Emily’s BFF and prankster Teddy; Alan Tudyk (Firefly/Suburgatory) is Emily’s new boss Del; and Christine Kirk (Manhattan) is superfan Jackie, who become’s Del’s personal assistant.

Powerless is filming in metro Vancouver from March 6th to 19th (dates subject to change), according to the DGC-BC Production List. Most of it on its soundstage in Delta’s Tilbury District.


2 thoughts on “SHOOT: NBC Pilot POWERLESS’s Crimson Fox Stunts in Downtown Vancouver Today”

    1. Not NBC promos. People took photos with their phones and cameras. I took these from far away. And none of the photos are authorized. There was a set photographer so the stunt artist will be credited in official promos and when/if Powerless airs.

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