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NEW SERIES | Hallmark’s CHESAPEAKE SHORES With Meghan Ory & Jesse Metcalfe to Film in Parksville/Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island from Mid-May to July

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Updated with news that Chesapeake Shores will film in Parksville/Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.

Hallmark has a new summer series filming this Spring and Summer in Parksville/Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Chesapeake Shores, about a woman returning home to her Maryland family, replaces Cedar Cove about a Judge living and working in a small town in Washington state. Cedar Cove — which starred Andie MacDowell and filmed mainly in Deep Cove and Fort Langley — was cancelled after three seasons despite a loyal audience.

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Adapted from Sheryl Woods’s 10-book series, Chesapeake Shores is about the multi-generational Maryland O’Brien family. Abby O’Brien Winter (Meghan Ory), a divorced, mother of twins returns home to the Maryland town her father Mick (Treat Williams) built after years in a demanding Wall Street job. The charming Inn at Eagle Point that her younger sister Jess (Laci J Mailey) renovated is facing foreclosure. Abby needs to save the Inn, deal with her fractured family and face Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe), the man she left 10 years ago. Is Trace a second chance at love? Meghan Ory and Jesse Metcalfe co-starred in Dead Rising: Watchtower.

The 2-hour Chesapeake Shores movie filmed here last September and premieres this summer on the Hallmark Channel. John Tinker is the new showrunner for the 8-episode series. And Diane Ladd is Nell O’Brien.

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Treat Williams.

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Chesapeake Shores the series is expected to film in Parksville/Qualicum Beach from May 16th to July 28th (dates subject to change) according to the DGC-BC Production List.

43 thoughts on “NEW SERIES | Hallmark’s CHESAPEAKE SHORES With Meghan Ory & Jesse Metcalfe to Film in Parksville/Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island from Mid-May to July”

  1. I’m watching the new series “Chesapeake Shores”. So far it’s OK but as a resident of real Chesapeake shores I knew right away this movie was not filmed on Chesapeake Bay. This movie was filmed on Vancouver Island, Canada,not even in the US! MAJOR FOUL, Hallmark! If you’re going to do a series about our treasured Chesapeake you should have enough class to film it on the the Chesapeake!

    1. Nuts! Right away when they said lets get crabs and they were eating giant crabs not Maryland blue crabs I knew!
      Furthermore, there are no big rocks etc on the beautiful real Chesapeke!

    2. I too am watching this and , wow, mountains along the coast? Definitely not the Chesapeake shore I know. Disappointed . Liked the books, not this fake locale

    3. Started watching it to see the Eastern Shore to add some authenticity, sure enough Hallmark is trying to pull a fast one and film somewhere else. Just change the name to Vancouver Shores already.

    4. I agree I too have grown up in Maryland and knew right away this was not near the Chesapeake when the airport had mts in background I knew that was wrong too bad you didn’t research further Maryland could always use movie money You did get Baltimore city right also the family dinner should have included eating crabs!!

  2. Totally agree with Andy!!! Since when does anyone eat Alaskian King crab on the Chesapeake when we have the “hallmark” blue claw crab industry, blue claw crab houses and blue claw crabs off everyone’s dock. If you are going to use the name of the country’s largest and most beautiful estuary please respect it’s natural beauty – we don’t have mountains in the background, but amazing wildlife. Boating, sailing and history are a way of life. I hope the rest of the series includes them.

    1. My girlfriend and I have only watched the premier episode so far and I picked up on the crabs too. The father comments that he will be picking up “fresh crabs” for dinner that evening, but then it shows the family picking through king crab legs! NOT the treasured blue crabs native Marylanders know and love.

      Also picked up on the mountains in the background when she went to the Baltimore office…ummm…what???

      Yeah, I know. I guess I’m being about as picky as when Patriot Games showed skyscrapers off the side of Route 50 in Annapolis. LOL.

      1. Relax people, it’s a fictional show in a fictional town called Chesapeake Shores not Bay! It’s meant for entertainment, not a documentary for serious discussion 🙂

        1. I like the series! Get’s us away from the daily grind and all the political crap going on. RELAX people – it’s just a TV show base on a book series.

  3. I like Hallmark Channel, but I’m a proud and loyal Eastern Shorewdman and
    I love the real Chesapeake its a shame Hallmark isn’t showing that. There so much charm and folklore that people in other states would certainly enjoy. Not to mention the help to Maryland economy and the cleaning of the Bay itself. I know our good Gov. Hogan would love the opportunity for our state. Really disappointed.

    1. Totally agree with you!! As a Marylander for 50+ years not to say Vancouver isn’t nice, but it’s an American family, American military and our country and state look not even close. Beautiful but no mountains, the foliage is different too. Proud to have Kevin as I am mom of military sons.

    2. I have watched the first 4 episodes and loved them as did most of my family and friends. The location and scenery were great to all of us, but we all live in Georgia.

  4. Aug. 18th
    I am watching Chesapeake Shores right now and enjoying it. Has the same nuances of Cedar Cove which I also enjoyed. I am a Vancouver Islander and really love the scenery, especially the ocean (where I was raised by) and beach, logs included. The ocean and mountains are a part of me. I understand the crabs have different names, but they’re still crabs. We also have amazing wildlife and we love sailing, fishing and all water activities. Surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, skiing, Kyaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, yachting, etc. Our weather allows us to enjoy all this mostly year round, due to our wonderful climate. We also have estuaries as you do. It might be educational for you American citizens do some research about BC. or even Canada. You will be surprised. One of the reasons a lot of filming is done on Vancouver Island and around Vancouver is because it’s a lot less costly. That’s what’s been advertised here. I have no idea why they call the TV show Chesapeake Shores. I guess you’ll have to find that out yourselves if it’s that important to you. It isn’t to me. It’s a fictional show, not the history channel. So far I like it. I watched every episode of Cedar Cove as well.

    1. Do you have the Hallmark Channel? I can’t seem to find it on my listing, I thought it was because I was in Canada. The website does not allow me to watch it either since I am here. I would like to watch the second episode of Chesapeake Shores 🙁

    2. I live in Oregon and all too familiar to the crabs here they are delicious but they are not blue crabs prepared in the way of the hot and salty bay seasoning. They are heaven in a handful. Since I’m from Maryland I can say there is nothing like the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

  5. I just watched the pilot of the series. I met Meaghan Ory last summer and totally loved her. I love the story line and can see lots of possibilities with so many characters. I hope it lasts. As a Canadian, I am sad that we have to say the setting is in the States when it is in Canada. We Canadians watch their shows, why can’t there be a large enough audience who watches our shows. Enjoy the story for its sake and not where it is made.

  6. I am enjoying Chesapeake Shores so far….I can understand the comments above, but since I don’t know either place, so I am fine with the location. I do have one question….why the change in the dog from the premiere to week 2?

    1. I agree! Golden retriever suddenly becomes a German Shepard! Very strange. But I remember on Cedar Cove they changed out one of the main characters was switched! Much worse than a dog.

  7. It’s an awesome show as a Canadian it makes want to visit the Beautiful Chespeake in the US and also the Area it is being filmed. Great Choice Hallmark….Loving the show and certainly creating the desire to see both areas

  8. I agree with many reviews above. I have read the books in this series and enjoyed them because they were based on the beautiful Chesapeake of Maryland. How disappointing that Hallmark chose to film in Vancouver. Beautiful as it is, they had a great opportunity to showcase the flat and gorgeous waters of the eastern shore.

  9. I was so sorry to hear of Cedar Cove being cancelled. I am enjoying Chesapeake Shores although it is very obvious that it isn’t being filmed in Maryland! I also noticed the king crab legs and the change of dogs. Although I usually like Hallmark movies, I find that you often have to suspend reality. I especially love when they film winter scenes in the summer and spray the leaf-filled tree white!I’ve been watching Chesapeake Shores on demand. The first two episodes were free of commercials. The third has commercials that you can’t fast forward through. Odd.

  10. I’ve never read the books but was happy to see it was called Chesapeake Shores. I live in MD. I love our bay. When I saw the mountains across the bay I knew it wasn’t the Chesapeake Bay. Why not film it here? Felt really disappointed when I saw it was filmed in Canada. Call it something else or film it here..

    1. Really!!! All these comments re where the show us filmed. Is that where we are focusing?!!! Who cares. It is a heartwarming family show and a nice change from a lot of tbe violence. Love the show no matter where it is filmed. The scenery is beautiful. It is a fictional location – relax proper. There are bigger issues to get fussed about.

  11. I live on the Severn River, which runs into the Chesapeake Bay.My family has been here since the 1600s. I understand how all us Marylanders out there are a tad disappointed in the filming location, however this is a beautiful story, with superb acting and downright great music, written for the series.The beautiful photography, with just the right lighting, creates a warm glow, to match the emotions that you feel with regard to the characters.My friend was location director for “Runnaway Bride” filmed in Berlin, MD. the cost was exorbitant. I know we want to see much more of the O’Briens in the future; so keep the expenses low, and keep the cameras rolling. I love the show!

  12. I am from Baltimore md .. And live in Florida now and I am so excited to be able to see parts of my home town.. I watched to episodes and I’m in love with the show. I hope it stays on for many seasons..

    1. Judy from Chesapeake Bay Country.

      Kelly.Do you remember Maryland? Couldn’t you see that there were giant mountains all over this so called “Chesapeake” backdrop.

      If you lived here, you would know that this area is very flat and sandy, like Florida.

  13. Judy from Chesapeake Bay Country.

    I was flipping channels and saw this show. I am born and bread aBaltimorean. Thought I would stop to see some beautiful Chesapeake country. Instead I was shocked and horrified. Then I started laughing my butt off! HELLO…DUHHHHHH….WE DO NOT HAVE MOUNTAINS ON OUR MARYLAND CHESAPEAKE BAY SHORES! That area is flat as a pancake and sandy not rocky! Our mountains do not being until you reach Western MD which is part of the West Virginia Appalachians. We do not eat giant crab legs (though King Crab is delicious) We steam our blue crabs in beer and salt and spices. Then we line a table with newspaper and pile them up and crack them open and drink beer. I love Treat Williams, really like Diane Ladd, but I certainly cannot get into this stupid show if the writers, directors and producers cannot figure out the correct spot for this to be filmed. It is extremely irritating and insulting to people who have roots along our BEAUTIFUL Chesapeake Bay. Everyone here in Maryland is laughing at you Hallmark. Just more of the dumbing down of The USA. I suppose they stopped teaching Geography in school. Disgusting. BTW where are the wonderful colorful waterman? I could have written a much better pilot along with local characters. This is just sad. YOU SHOULD FEEL SO EMBARRASSED

  14. What a disappointment, it could have been beneficial and proud of our shores if it was film in here. I still love the story. But what a shame they use other location and them call it Chesapeake Shore. Yet pieces of Baltimore are show, unless those are fake too.

  15. I loved the books and love the show. As an avid reader, I was a bit familiar with the Chesapeake from other books other than Sheryll Woods Chesapeake Shores Series. I also love to research. Since I live in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific NorthWest, I knew the actual filming location was not the Chesapeake but somewhere up here, probably in Western Vancouver. I was also puzzled about the change of dogs. And the change from a clapboard house in a neighborhood to a log type home right on the shore… Great location and views. I think they call that poetic license for fictional stories. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the stories and beautiful locations. Enjoy. That is why we watch. Not for facts like in a documentary. It would have been nice to see the real Chesapeake but we do not know all the behind the scenes issues.

  16. Get over it people. The show is great and the cast amazing. Who cares where it is filmed. It is such a great show and the story line is wonderful.

  17. Again getting your panties in a wad over fictional stories. If you are going to complain about the filming locations, at least get them right. The majority of the filming was done ON Vancouver ISLAND not in Vancouver. Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum Beach. I lived in Parksville for many years and I have been enjoying seeing peaks of the local setting. Again it is just a fictional story people. No need to pick it apart.

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