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RESTART: THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Resumes Production on Season 2 Today After Sudden Shutdown

high castle nazi reich

Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing.

Amazon Prime’s alternate WWII-outcome series The Man in the High Castle is back filming its second season after a sudden production shutdown. Frank Spotnitz is no longer showrunner but remains an executive producer of the series he developed from Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel. The Man in the High Castle imagines an alternate America in the early 1960s after the Japanese and Germans win World War II and divide the United States into three regions — the west coast as the Japanese Pacific States, the Rockies as a neutral zone and the east coast as the Greater Nazi Reich.

Production halted May 19 and resumed today, reportedly with reshoots per requested changes. And is back on location next week with a full crew.

 Season 2 so far has been marked by the same spectacular sets from production designer Drew Boughton and costume designer Audrey Fisher.

From UBC.

high castle40-2

To Arch Alley.

high castle aa japanese

To Chinatown.

high castle chime-2

To Pacific Central Station as New York City Bus Station in Greater Nazi Reich.

high castle pcs101-2

Produced by Ridley Scott and Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files), characters in the Japanese Pacific States include Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos), Frank Frink (Rupert Evans), Nobusuke Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) and Inspector Quido (Joe de la Fuente).

high castle juliana e

high castle frank frink e

high castle cary hiroyuki tagawa 2

high castle kido e

Greater Nazi Reich

Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank).

high castle luke e

Joe Blake reports to American SS Obergruppenführer John Smith (Rufus Sewell).

high castle rufus sewell e

Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle started filming March 22nd and is expected to wrap August 16th (dates subject to change) via the Directors Guild of Canada – BC production list.

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