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SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES FREED’s Ana (Dakota Johnson) Gets Ransom from Seattle Bank Filmed in Vancouver

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“May I help you ma’am?” The young woman gives me a bright, insincere smile, and for a moment I regret changing into jeans. “I’d like to withdraw a large sum of money.” Ms. Insincere Smile arches an even more insincere eyebrow.“You have an account with us?” She fails to hide her sarcasm. “Yes,” I snap. “My husband and I have several accounts here. His name is Christian Grey.” — Fifty Shades Freed.

Maybe Ana (Dakota Johnson) shouldn’t have changed into her jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and Converse runners to withdraw $5 million in ransom money from Seattle Nations Bank? In Fifty Shades Freed, villain Jack Hyde kidnaps Christian Grey’s sister Mia (Rita Ora) and demands a ransom from Ana. She drives Christian’s Audi R8 (a change from the novel) to the bank, then jumps out with an empty gym bag for the cash and runs through traffic across the street into the lobby — filmed this morning in the 300 block West Pender Street of downtown Vancouver.

Director James Foley and Dakota Johnson on set.

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Ana is carrying an empty gym bag for the ransom cash.

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Ana’s stunt double drove the Audie 8 very fast from the corner of Victory Square into a parking spot opposite Vancouver’s former bank building turned Seattle Nations Bank.

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Rehearsal with the empty gym bag for the cash.

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Fifty Shades shot the bank interiors on Monday. The Permanent ( a former bank building with a vault)  has a stunning glass ceiling.

The Permanent image.

the permanent2

Despite some initial balking, a phone call from Christian Grey — who thinks Ana is leaving him — gets things moving and the bank manager  arranges for $5 million in cash to be carried out of the back of the bank and placed in a waiting SUV, driven by Jack Hyde’s accomplice Elizabeth from Seattle Independent Publishing.

Fifty Shades crew filmed the next scene with a blue SUV in an alley north of the former bank building this afternoon with dozens of well-dressed extras walking through Victory Square in the background.

In the novel, Elizabeth drives Ana to a derelict building where Jack Hyde is waiting. He checks the money and knocks Ana to the ground. She returns the favour by shooting him with stalker Leila’s gun.

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Update: Fifty Shades filmed the driving scenes later in the ransom SUV on a car rig (process trailer).

Kidnap victim & rescuer (Rita Ora & Dakota Johnson).

These girls. ❤️ #Fiftyshades

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