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SHOOT: American Adaption of Japanese Manga DEATH NOTE with “L” at Vancouver Art Gallery

death note vag20-2


Is this L? The American adaption of Japanese horror manga Death Note filmed a Seattle Police press conference at the Vancouver Art Gallery this afternoon.

The Japanese Death Note — written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata — is about a young student Light who finds a supernatural notebook abandoned by the God of Death that allows him to kill people by writing their names in it. Light decides to use it as a force of good by compiling a list of evil people and so he becomes known as Kira, the Japanese word for Killer. A young woman seeks him out intent on becoming the second Kira to create a world “cleansed of evil”. A detective known as L tries to stop them.

Death Note L e

The American adaption is set in Seattle with Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars) as Light Turner, Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) as Mia Sutton  and Keith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton) as L.

Is this L at today’s Seattle press conference?

death note vag22-2death note vag18-2

death note vag14-2

From the other side.

death note vag3-2

death note vag10-2

death note vag2-2

Adam Wingard directs, based on a script written by Jeremy Slater.

After the Vancouver Art Gallery, production moved east to MacLeod’s Books. Is this where Light finds the death notebook?

macleod's books e

Death Note is expected to film in metro Vancouver until August 30th (date subject to change), according to the Directors Guild of Canada – BC Production List.

9 thoughts on “SHOOT: American Adaption of Japanese Manga DEATH NOTE with “L” at Vancouver Art Gallery”

  1. No, that’s not L–I bet that’s the guy pretending to be L that Light kills on live TV.

    L would never appear in public.

  2. It seems that whoever is producing this film does not have the slightest notion of hope the fans for something true to the original work, chose a totally random cast without the characteristics of the characters of the original work. And my god, put one of the most iconic characters L, as Black. The Kira (Nat Wolf) should be a tall guy, elegant and Psychopath, nothing against you Nat, but will have to work hard. Another fact, I read speculation on the Internet that would take the shinigami, I do not know whether to take this forward, but if so, will end the essence and can be sure that the fans will hate and the film will be the cumulo of failure, which liken the Dragonball Evolution. And do not even think to summarize 37 episodes in one film. I recommend you do two films 3 hours. Where the first end with the death of L, might even have an alternate ending where L would be alive. I much preferred Erza Miller as L, it is the actor more than perfect for the character. IDEAS THAT ARE OF A DESPERATE FAN WITH THIS PRODUCTION. I am Brazilian and translate this text using Google translator.

    1. This is an adaptation, though. Changes must be made to suit the new format, audience, and culture. I don’t think changing L’s race has any affect on his character at all. He looks closer to the character in these shots than he did in the Death Note TV series last year, where they made him more cute than creepy.

      I don’t disagree with your complaints, but you have to accept that film works in much more limited constraints than manga & anime.

      1. Disappointed Person

        Adaptation does not equal modifying the core content of the source material. Changing a character’s race is bad regardless of the character too, it should be that obvious.

        I don’t even know why they’re making this to be honest. The story’s done and there’s already been like what, 3-4 adaptations in different kinds of media by different people. The fact that they’re changing stuff in it just makes it even worse.
        And the guy writing it is the dude who made the new Fantastic Four.

  3. Christina Gutierrez

    You guys have a picture of Mikami Teru, not L. Mikami is one of Light’s subordinates. Also the heroine’s name is Misa “Amane” not “Aname.” Nice try tho

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