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SHOOT: SUPERGIRL’s Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) Becomes Superman in Vancouver

supergirl ck at dp-3

Supergirl’s Clark Kent (Tyler  Hoechlin) stopped to buy a newspaper at a Daily Planet kiosk while talking on his phone [to his editor]. Look up Clark. Is it a bird, a plane? [It’s a news screen reporting the crashing Venture One Shuttle]. Supergirl shot these scenes in downtown Vancouver on Friday night in front of the old Canada Post building. Supergirl season 2 started filming in metro Vancouver on Monday and the season 2 premiere introduces the show’s Superman.

supergirl dp2-2

 Look up Clark.

supergirl clark kent daily planet-2

supergirl ck at dp7-2

Clark Kent turns into Superman in alley. An iconic scene.

supergirl ck into sm15-2

supergirl ck into sp12-3

supergirl ck into sm13-2

Daily Planet kiosk.

supergirl dp19-2

Daily Planet. Countdown: The Venture One. Finally Ready for Lift Off.

supergirl daily planet1-2

Sean Koo/@scoobykoo with Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent.

 Supergirl season 2 is expected to film in metro Vancouver until late April next year.

And premiere Thursday, October 13th on The CW.


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