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SHOOT: SUPERNATURAL’s Baby (s) in Delta with Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) & Mary (Samantha Smith) For Season 12 Premiere


Here are some promo stills of Supernatural’s season 12 premiere with Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) riding in the Impala with a new back seat passenger — Dean’s resurrected Mom Mary (Samantha Smith) — filmed in Ladner’s North 40 Dog Park. The trio are attacked and left bloodied and battered. Where’s Sam? Being tortured by the British Men of Letters.

Image credits: Katie Yu/The CW.

supernatural dog park e

Once a hunter. Always a hunter.

supernatural dog park3 e

supernatural dog park1 e

Supernatural started filming season 12 — yup 12 — on Tuesday. And went on location with Baby — Dean’s 1967 Chevy Impala — on Wednesday and today in Delta’s North 40 Reserve Park. It’s one of Supernatural’s favourite locations in metro Vancouver. Dean himself — Jensen Ackles — shared a photo from set.

Baby’s back to work for season 12.

A photo posted by Jensen Ackles (@jensenackles) on

There were at least three different Babys on set at the start.

supernatural baby1 e-2

Supernatural Baby 2 & 3-2

Hope they treated her well.

This looks frightening if temporary.

Who else was there with Dean? Hello Castiel (Misha Collins).

supernatural livestream

Supernatural started off the new season with a new production sign — JAFTS.

spn sign edited-2

Previous signs — JMATWB — are believed to have been an acronym for Jim Michaels at Wreck Beach.

JCBS to have been Jeremy Carver Bobby Singer.

BSK to have been Bike Shorts Kevin.

And the long ago classic — KMAN — a tribute to the late producer and director Kim Manners.

Fans have some ideas what JAFTS stands for:

Supernatural season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13th on The CW.

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