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SHORT FILM: Jeff Cassidy’s SIDEKICK With ONCE UPON A TIME’s Josh Dallas, Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards & The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh

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There’s A Hero In All of Us.

It’s a Once Upon a Time/Arrow/The Flash crossover in a short heartfelt super hero-themed film written and directed by Jeff Cassidy, part of The Flash camera crew.

Once Upon a Time’s Charming  (Josh Dallas) and The Arrow’s Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are parents of a young boy, Prison Break’s Michael Jr. (Christian Michael Cooper). The parents have super hero lives in the bedtime stories the dying father tells his son about Captain Strong and The Princess.


The Flash’s Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is the Big Bad Darkman.


The crew behind Sidekick has so many familiar names from the BC Film industry.

Behind the scenes.

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Director of Photography is Stewart Whelan and The Flash’s C. Kim Miles was DOP of the  second unit and Once Upon a Time’s Craig Powell was DOP of the VFX unit.

Arrow-The Flash-Legends of Tomorrow-Supergirl VFX wiz Armen Kevorkian and his team at Encore did the visual effects.

The Flash stunt coordinator Jon Kralt did the stunts.

And the locations are familiar too with Oceanic Plaza and the 1000 block Hastings as a site for one super hero vs villain confrontation.



Produced by Jeff Cassidy and Sage Brocklebank.




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