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TONIGHT: TIMELESS Debuts with Trip Back to 1937 Hindenburg Disaster Filmed at Vancouver’s Boundary Bay Airport & Gastown

Back to to the Future meets Mission: Impossible.

From Supernatural creator Erik Kripke and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan comes time-travelling action-adventure Timeless tonight. What’s it about? Master criminal Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) steals a time machine and travels back in time to a period before the 1937 Hindenburg disaster with a plan to change history.


Real Hindenburg disaster.

time hindenburg e


timeless hindenberg bba

Abigail Spencer (Suits/Rectify) as History Prof Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as soldier Wyatt Logan and Malcolm Barrett as engineer and pilot Rufus Carlin are the trio recruited by the government for the top secret mission to stop Flynn. Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers) is Mason Lark, founder of Lark Industries, who created the time machine.


Image: Joe Lederer/NBC.

timeless machine1

Raiders of the Lost Ark-style posters.





Recreating the Hindenburg at Boundary Bay Airport.

hindenburg5 e

Cast on set at Boundary Bay Airport

hindenburg-disaster-frame e

Timeless filmed in Gastown too with 1930s period cars and backgrounders.


timeless gastown

The Future is our Past.

What’s next? Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. 70s Watergate. The Alamo. And Moon Landing.




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