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Pop Star Rihanna’s In Vancouver For Her Turn as Marion Crane on BATES MOTEL Final Season


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Pop star Rihanna is in town for her turn as the Bates Motel version of Marion Crane. In Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 film Psycho, Crane checks into Norman Bates’s motel and is killed by Norman-as-Mother in the shower. You can see the shower in the Instagram photo Rihanna shared on the weekend.

Psycho’s Marion Crane.

bn psycho e

How will Marion Crane differ in the series?


Today Rihanna is filming in downtown Vancouver in the Standard Building, but with a big security presence.

Will she go out to the Aldergrove house and motel set?



Production is expected in Aldergrove this week to film establishing shots of Marion Crane at the motel. Most interiors — including shower scenes — are filmed in studio with the exception of the motel office.


Motel office.


Update: Bates Motel closed the road at the motel and house set in Aldergrove overnight Thursday with a special detour for all non-residential traffic.

Rihanna instagram.

when you bout to check in… #MarionCrane

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