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SHOOT: SUPERGIRL’s Kara (Melissa Benoist) & Mon-El (Chris Wood) at CBC Vancouver



What has Mon-el done now? Supergirl’s Kara/ (Melissa Benoist) chased after the Daxamite and gave him a piece of her mind tonight but it’s kinda hard to top Mon-El’s transgressions so far:

.Gets Winn to take him out of his DEO cell on the promise that Winn can design his super hero suit and name him. The new buddies go to a bar, get drunk and end up in a bar brawl.

.When Kara gives Mon-El a secret identity with glasses –,Mike Matthews — and a job as an intern at CatCo, Mon-El talks Miss Schumacher into doing most of his work and hooking up with him in the mail room. When Kara tells him off, he challenges her: “You can’t do that here? Are you sure? I saw this TV show about doctors and I’m pretty sure it’s okay.”

.Fired from CatCo, Mon-El works as a loan shark’s muscle. Later he gets Kara drunk on super-booze. Just as he  starts to use his powers to help people, Cadmus kidnaps him.




From another perspective.

Supergirl set at CBC Vancouver.


Melissa Benoist was overheard singing the theme song to Dawson’s Creek. And chased a seagull around for some reason. After, she laughed about it with Chris Wood.


Waiting inside CBC Vancouver for director to say, Rolling.


I’m really liking the Mon-El and Kara dynamic. Karamel has the same fun dynamic as Kara and her cousin Clark but without the big brother/little sister vibes.

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