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EVENT: THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Season 2 Premiere Event With Alexa Davalos & Luke Kleintank in Los Angeles

Luke Kleintank and Alexa Davalos.


The Man in the High Castle had a season two premiere event in Los Angeles tonight.Based on Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel, the Amazon Prime series imagines an alternate reality circa 1962 where the Japanese and Germans won World War II and divided the United States into three regions — the west coast as the Japanese Pacific States, the Rockies as a neutral zone and the east coast as the Greater Nazi Reich. Juliana Crain (Davolos) from the west coast bonded with New York double agent Joe Blake (Kleintank) in the neutral zone where they gave up their copies of a subversive film to the resistance in the first season. Both returned home to opposite coasts. Juliana to her boyfriend Frank Frink (Rupert Evans) in San Francisco who’d suffered at the hands of the Japanese in her absence and Joe to his boss American SS Obergruppenführer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) in New York City. In the second season, Juliana is in trouble with the Resistance after giving the latest film to Joe, meets the Man in the High Castle himself, and seeks asylum in the Greater Nazi Reich in order to find a key figure in one of the films. Joe, believing Juliana is dead, ends up in Berlin with his father Reichsminister Heusmann (Sebastian Roché).

United they stand at the #HighCastle LA premiere.

Alexa Davalos as Juliana Crain.


Juliana Crain meets the Man in the High Castle.

high-castle-31 She escapes the resistance and seeks asylum in the Greater Nazi Reich.

My name is Juliana Crain. I need asylum.


The Man in the High Castle image.


Filmed on the Main Mall at the University of British Columbia.

high castle40-2

Fleeing the resistance at a train station.

Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station.


high castle pcs101-2

high castle pcs100-2

In New York, Juliana is protected by SS Obergruppenführer John Smith and welcomed into his family.

Rufus Sewell as SS Obergruppenführer John Smith based in New York City. Chelah Horsdall is his wife Helen Smith.



Luke Kleintank as Joe Blake. Goes to Berlin where his father Reichsminister Heusmann (Sebastian Roché) plots to succeed Hitler in the Reich.


Joe at his father’s house in Berlin played by Vancouver’s Hycroft, University Women’s Club.high-castle-13Bella Heathcote as Berlin-born Nicole Becker


Hitler’s office. A set constructed in CBC Vancouver.

Rupert Evans as Frank Frink.

high-castle37Reprisals in Vancouver’s Arch Alley.


Vancouer’s Arch Alley.

high castle aa japanese


Callum Keith Rennie as resistance leader Gary Connell, based in San Francisco.

high castle china15high-castle9

Joe de la Fuente as Inspector Quido. Lee Shorten is Sergeant Hiroyuki Yoshida.


Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi, based in San Francisco.


West Vancouver’s Eagle Harbour.

high-castle-50 high-castle-32

Season 2 of critically-acclaimed alternate WWII outcome series The Man in the High Castle streams December 16th on Amazon Prime.


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