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WFF: Whistler Film Festival Borsos Awards for BEFORE THE STREETS — Best Canadian Feature/Director.

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First Nations drama Before the Streets took two major awards for Canadian feature films at the 16th annual Whistler Film Festival, winning Best Feature and Best Director. Chloé Leriche’s first dramatic feature is about young First Nations man Shawnouk and a low-life from Montreal who break into upscale summer cottages until something goes wrong.


One of the owners shows up during a breakin. Shawnouk flees into the forest.

Starring: Rykko Bellemarre who received an honourable mention for his performance, Kwena Bellemarre Boivin, Martin Dubreuil, Jacques Newashish, Janis Ottawa.

The Borsos jury — led by Deepa Mehta — picked the feature from about twenty Canadian features screening at the festival.

The Borsos Awards:

  • Best Canadian Feature Film ($15,000  sponsored by Directors Guild of Canada – BC  and $15,000 post production prize sponsored by Encore Vancouver.)
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Performance
  • Best Cinematography

Another film won twice. The Cyclotron picked up awards for Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography.



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