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BIG BUDGET: Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR With Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown & More Starts Filming February in Vancouver

Boyd Holbrook. Narcos image.

NARCOS S01E03 "The Men of Always"

Update: Augusto Aguilera joins cast.

Shane Black’s The Predator — which starts filming February 20th in Vancouver — has attracted a stellar cast. Boyd Holbrook (Narcos, Wolverine 3 villain) is the new Arnold Schwarzenegger as an ex-marine. He’s joined by Olivia Munn (X-Men/Ocean’s Eight), Sterling K. Brown (This is Us), Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) and Augusto Aguilera (Chasing Life). Local sensation Jacob Tremblay will play Holbrook’s character’s autistic son.

Shane Black (Iron Man 3) co-wrote and is directing the sequel that gets back to the roots of the franchise.  He should know how it all began. He had a role in the first one with Schwarzenegger.

predator 1987 cast e

Shane Black in Predator.

predator shane black w

What made the original Predator special was the way it built up the human characters first — a team of elite ex-soldiers hired by the American government to extract hostages in South America. Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the gang seemed unstoppable killing machines until the creature started picking them off one by one. Only a bloodied and battered Dutch remained standing at the end.

The sequel moves from the South American jungle to rural America. Holbrook’s character is an ex-marine who encounters alien predators but no one believes him. Jacob Trembly is his autistic son who is a savant with languages.

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Boyd Holbrook. Narcos image.

NARCOS S01E03 "The Men of Always"

Sterling K. Brown. This is Us image.

predator skb e

Keegan-Michael Key.

predator kmk e

Trevante Rhodes. Moonlight image.

predator tr e

Olivia Munn. X-Men image.

predator om e

Jacob Tremblay. Oscars image.

The Predator is expected in theatres February 9th, 2018.

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