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START: Netflix Reboot LOST IN SPACE With Toby Stephens, Molly Parker & Parker Posey Starts Filming in Vancouver

lost in space original e

Danger. Will Robinson. Danger. — The Robot.

1960s series Lost in Space gets a big remake at Netflix with a 10-episode order, which started to filming in Vancouver today. The cult classic aired on American networks at the same time as the then less-popular Star Trek — which went on to spawn multiple series and movies, including the latest movie Star Trek: Beyond and upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery. Why didn’t Lost in Space do the same? It aired for three seasons on CBS and while there were numerous attempts to reboot it as a series there’s only been one film with William Hurt.

Lost in Space was a 1965 drama/part comedy about the American Robinson family set in 1997 (now the past) who were sent on a 5 1/2 year journey into deep space to colonize a planet. Enemy agent Dr. Zachary Smith sabotages their spaceship, sending them off course and lost in space.

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The rebooted Lost in Space has cast Toby Stephens as Dr. John Robinson,  Molly Parker as his wife Dr. Maureen Robinson,Mina Sundwall as their their daughter Penny Robinson, Taylor Russell as their daughter Judy Robinson, Maxwell Jenkins as their son Will Robinson and Ignacio Serricchio as smuggler Don West. And in a gender twist, Parker Posey is villainous Dr. Smith.

Toby Stephens. Black Sails image.


Molly Parker. House of Cards image.


Parker Posey. Cafe Society image.

lost pp

Dr. Zachary Smith and the Robot in the original series.

lost in space22

Ignacio Serricchio. Bones image.


The Lost in Space reboot’s showrunner is Zack Estrin, who spent some time in Vancouver last summer as a producer of the Prison Break reboot.

Lost in Space started filming today in metro Vancouver and is expected to wrap June 26th (dates subject to change), according to the DGC-BC Production List.

Classic Dr. Smith and the robot.

Bumbling birdbrain – Dr. Smith.

Mental midget – Dr. Smith.

Crepes Suzette! – Dr. Smith.

Does not compute. – The Robot.

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