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Moving production from Vancouver to L.A.

A Paley Fest fan asked the Arrow-Flash-Supergirl-Legends cast and creators if any of the shows will ever film in Los Angeles instead of Vancouver. The actors were excited at the thought but the producers explained it’s all based on economics. That it’s financially impossible to make shows like Supergirl in Los Angeles with so many guest stars and special effects. While not exactly a ringing endorsement of Vancouver, Arrow’s Stephen Amell and The Flash’s Grant Gustin stepped up to say a lot of the magic on the shows is because of the city and its great crews.

4-way Crossover

You’re fucking right we are — CW boss Mark Pedowitz about them doing a big crossover every year, according to Stephen Amell.

Next season’s will be a real four-way crossover, Andrew Kreisberg said.

Stephen Amell said the Fall crossover was the easiest for him because the production schedulers figured out everyone’s schedules and made it clear when he was working on each show — “like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Amell joked the next crossover Arrow episode should be Oliver and Diggle playing chess and drinking coffee and when everyone else crosses over saying “We’re good.”

Grant Gustin said he wants to work with Brandon Routh more in the next crossover — Barry and Ray are fun together.

Arrow: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey Creatives: Marc Guggenheim, Wendy Mericle.

A young fan asked if #Olicity (Oliver and Felicity) would ever get back together. “That’s not really up to me,” Amell said, adding they do have “some really cool stuff coming up”.

Stephen Amell later posed for a photo with the young fan.

David Ramsey said that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) really lightened up the show when she arrived.

But not as light as The Flash apparently, which is lit brighter, Ramsey said, and has “cans of soda on their show…we don’t”. Showrunner Marc Guggenheim retorted that the Arrow would get cans of soda when their ratings improved.

The Flash: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton Creatives: Andrew Kreisberg, Todd Helbing, Aaron Helbing.
Kevin Smith says he’s a #WestAllen (Iris West and Barry Allen) shipper. Candice Patton joked that she’d like to see Iris West “strap some leather” on as a hero but love that she “provides this human quality to the superhuman show.”
Andrew Kreisberg said they purposely put The Flash’s Barry Allen and Supergirl’s Kara Danvers at “romantic crossroads” going into the musical duet airing next week.
Grant Gustin responded to the viewer backlash about sad Barry, saying he’s letting his fear dictate things more than ever. One fan tweeted how much they the dorky loving Barry of season one and the friendships he built.

Andrew Kreisberg said they had to find a scarier villain than Zoom – so now there’s Savitar. But next year’s Big Bad won’t be a speedster villain

Supergirl: Melissa Benoist, David Harewood.

Like Kara on the show, Melissa Benoist finds she is a role model to girls and young women. She went to the Women’s March in DC. “It felt really meaningful.  motto is hope, help & compassion – an important message” She enjoyed having Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) on the show because she had great insights and is still a role model.

Supergirl is good at taking on real world issues and mixing them into a superhero world, Andrew Kreisberg said.

Kreisberg hears from #Sanvers fans about how much the Alex/Maggie relationship means to them.

And here’s something unexpected: David Harewood likes to do cartwheels on set between takes.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz. Creative: Phil Klemmer.

Caity Lotz says the Legends joke about being the misfit of the superhero shows.

Meeting the fans. Paley Fest images.




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