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FINALE: ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Finale Comes Full Circle With Emma & Henry (Jennifer Morrison & Jared Gilmore)


Does Once Upon a Time come full circle with Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and the-son-she-gave-away Henry (Jared Gilmore), who found her six seasons ago and brought her back to Storybrooke to end a curse and save the town? Emma and Henry had a long emotional scene at her yellow VW Bug parked outside Granny’s Diner today for the season 6 finale. She cries, kisses him on the forehead, pulls their heads together and then gets in her yellow VW Bug and drives down Main Street. Is this goodbye? We have no context but this doesn’t seem like a happy ending.

Season 1 Emma and Henry (Jennifer Morrison and Jared Gilmore).

ouat henry emma

Season 6 Emma and Henry. (Jennifer Morrison and Jared Gilmore).

emmahenry50-2-2 emmahenry68 e-2 emmahenry70 e-2 emmahenry50-3


Even someone as beautiful as Jennifer Morrison ugly cries. She did it over and over again in this scene in front of a crowd of spectators.

emmahenry34-2emmahenry30-2She kisses him on the forehead.


And drives off in her yellow VW bug. Jennifer Morrison did her own stunt driving. Driving down two blocks of Steveston as Storybrooke and then reversing back to do another take.



Back to start again.

swanbug 3 e-2

emmahenry75 e-2

Some of the crowd in Steveston watching Jennifer Morrison and Jared Gilmore film this sequence.


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